Tom Cruise, Doug Liman To Partner For New Sci-Fi Film Luna Park


With a critically acclaimed blockbuster in the can and a starry drug thriller in the works, it’s little wonder why Tom Cruise and Doug Liman are keen to continue their overly successful working relationship. And that’s exactly what the pair plan on doing, according to Variety, with Cruise and Liman reuniting for an all-new sci-fi project titled Luna Park.

Though the film neared a production start in and around 2011, at a time when Chris Evans and Andrew Garfield were both attached, development stalled abruptly when Skydance pulled out of financing the ambitious project at the eleventh hour. Reports state that Luna Park initial budget was beginning to balloon past $100 million, leading the company to pump the brakes on. Since then, the sci-fi flick has become something of a passion project for Liman, and now he’s turned to his lucky star to breath new life into the ambitious title.

Billed as a futuristic science fiction movie, Luna Park revolves around a group of employees all sporting devil-may-care attitudes who decide one day to plot course for the moon and steal a valuable energy source. Beyond that, there’s little to go on in terms of plot, though you can bet your bottom dollar that Cruise will be spearheading the daring, er, cruise for the precious lunar recourse.

Based on their previous collaboration, there’s a considerable amount of potential built in to Luna Park from the get-go. Edge of Tomorrow had brains and brawn – even with that problematic third act – not to mention a kick-ass female lead in Emily Blunt, and if Liman carries over these stylistic tendencies over to his next venture into sci-fi, then the pair’s latest partnership could be very promising indeed.

Before Luna Park takes their working relationship to the stratosphere (and beyond), however, Tom Cruise and Doug Liman will next come together for narcotics thriller Mena, due out in January 6, 2017

Source: Variety