Tom Cruise Is Game For A DC Extended Universe Movie


Although the superhero genre was forced to take baby steps for decades, and it required a variety of brave actors and filmmakers to give it some legitimacy, recent years have seen movies stemming from it emerge as one star-studded affair after another. Still, there’s one big name who’s yet to join the pantheon, that being Tom Cruise.

Having been a box office draw for as long as anyone can remember, Cruise just seems like a natural choice for these kinds of films, but he’s never gotten around to doing one. Well, actually, had an Iron Man movie come to fruition back in the 1990’s, there would’ve a very good chance that it’d have been him cast in the role of Tony Stark.

As it so happens, though, the DC Extended Universe may end up serving as Cruise’s home if he ever decides to make the jump. We’re guessing that could have something to do with him sharing the screen with Henry Cavill in the upcoming Mission: Impossible – Fallout, to which the current cinematic Superman had this to offer when speaking with MTV regarding his co-star joining the Justice League:

“I think that would be something very interesting. Absolutely.”

Tom Cruise Green Lantern

Following up on that was Cruise himself, who said:

“You know what, there is always another mountain in anything, you know anything. I’ll never say no if I find something that’s interesting and I think that an audience would like to see it. And they’d be entertained by it and I feel like I can contribute something to it.”

Not long ago, rumors were circulating that Cruise may possibly pop up in Green Lantern Corps, and I could definitely see him as a more experienced Hal Jordan guiding an up-and-coming John Stewart. If not, I imagine he’d play a different hero, as it’s easier for one to picture him leaning toward that direction. Then again, you never know. He also may want to play a villain since DC certainly has no shortage of iconic baddies.

Time will ultimately tell, but who would you like to see the actor show up as if he were to join the franchise? Let us know by commenting below.