Tom Cruise And John David Washington Become Green Lanterns In New Fan Art


As of 2020, we’ve only had one Green Lantern movie, though with the benefit of hindsight, fans would rather wish it didn’t exist. The 2011 film of the same name has become synonymous with superhero embarrassment. Not only did it fail to find viewers with anything nice to say, but it failed to find viewers full stop. No crowds, no box office, no sequel. No wonder why the character was put on ice.

However, with the DCEU now fully armed and operational, a reboot of the franchise is reportedly in development. Who will be the new face of clean green justice in the new-look Lantern Corps, though? Well, this fan art has not one, but two suggestions – Tenet star John David Washington and just-about-everything star Tom Cruise.

Check out the gallery below to see how each would look in the film:

Washington’s name has been floated as a possible contender for the rebooted character before now, of course. Indeed, the subject actually came up in a recent interview with Tenet director Christopher Nolan. In his words, the actor would be an excellent choice. Likewise, Cruise has also been linked to the project over the years, more so than Washington, and many would love to see him tackle the role.

Got any thoughts on this DC fan art? Leave a comment below with anything you’d like to add. Veering back to Washington, though, and I’d say he’s got the presence for the part. I mention it because I just this afternoon watched Tenet in a wonderfully socially-distanced theater. Socially-distanced because it was completely empty… kind of like the theater was when Green Lantern was playing.