Christopher Nolan Thinks Tenet Star Would Be An Excellent Green Lantern


Following several delays, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is now in theaters, and while it isn’t shaping up to be the savior of a flagging industry that many were hoping it would be, the time-bending thriller has still managed to exceed expectations at the international box office after bringing in over $50 million in its first week, and all signs point to the $220 million blockbuster becoming the highest-grossing movie we’ve seen since the industry was brought to a screeching halt back in March.

Tenet might struggle to turn a profit on the big screen given the massive budget and marketing costs, but expect it to stick around for a long time as more and more people take the plunge and return to their local multiplex. Most critics seem to be in agreement that it pales in comparison to some of the filmmaker’s earlier work, but one thing it does manage to do is continue leading man John David Washington’s ascent up the Hollywood ladder.

Following his breakout performance in Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers and a Golden Globe-nominated turn in BlackKklansman, the 36 year-old is poised to escape from the shadow of his illustrious father Denzel and forge his own path. Inevitably, this has led to rumors of involvement in the superhero genre, and in a recent interview, Nolan admitted that while the reboot doesn’t interest him in the slightest, Washington would make for a solid Green Lantern.

“I think my DC days are over, but I think he would be an excellent choice. He certainly gets my vote.”

With his star firmly on the rise, a major role in a superhero franchise would be a logical next step for John David Washington, and while he’s also been linked to the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards, he’d be an outstanding candidate to headline Green Lantern and finally erase memories of the infamous Ryan Reynolds dud from almost a decade ago.