Tom Cruise Rumored For MCU Role, But The Internet Isn’t Convinced

tom cruise

Tom Cruise has remained one of the biggest movie stars on the planet for the last 35 years, which is an incredible achievement in itself, but it’s all the more remarkable when you consider that he’s managed to maintain A-list longevity without dipping his toes into franchise-infested waters all that often.

Obviously, he’s got his seventh and eighth outings as Ethan Hunt coming in the next couple of years should Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 arrive without any more delays, while his return as Pete Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick is finally set for release next summer. Outside of that, though, Jack Reacher is the only other role he’s ever played more than once.

That may have changed if the Dark Universe hadn’t imploded at the first hurdle, but Giant Freakin Robot are now claiming that Cruise is in “advanced talks” for a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s about the total sum of the information made available, but as you can see below, the internet is having a little fun with the idea already.

Cruise is a busy man, one that’s never shown much of a vested interest in boarding a property where he isn’t going to be the main draw and focal point of the marketing. It’s not as if the industry’s highest-profile names are against the MCU by any means, but the total lack of details means you’re best not getting your hopes up just yet.