Tom Hardy Debuts Gorgeous New Venom IMAX Poster


The alien symbiote at the center of the upcoming Venom spinoff has a pretty messed up diet which apparently includes the heads of trembling criminals, so it only makes sense that he have the menacing tongue to match, right?

Star Tom Hardy hopped on Instagram earlier today to share a new IMAX poster for Eddie Brock’s first standalone film, and here the spotlight is very much given to the long, dangling tongue of Spider-Man’s old foe, with the one-sheet encouraging fans to check out the movie on the biggest screen possible early next month.

While there’s not much to object to here – it’s actually a pretty cool poster – the promotion for director Ruben Fleischer’s upcoming effort has so far been met with a mixed response. The criticism received by the film’s first trailer for its lack of Venom led to the director defending the marketing team, while admitting that the symbiote’s visual effects weren’t yet ready. Though subsequent trailers certainly gave us a lot more of the titular antihero, Hardy’s notorious ‘turd in the wind’ line continues to draw laughs around the internet.

Of course, this can’t be too encouraging for Sony, as Venom has been selected as their franchise-starter, and let’s just say the Powers That Be will be hoping that their October blockbuster is more akin to Iron Man than, say, The Mummy. Which, for those of you who may’ve forgotten about it (we don’t blame you), effectively sank the Dark Universe before it even began.

Early tracking appears to be in Venom‘s favor, though, after it was revealed that the Spidey spinoff is headed for a $60M-$70M opening weekend in North America, with A Star is Born coming in at second place with around $30 million. Those figures are based on early estimates and are therefore subject to change, but we’ll be bringing you all the latest as we inch closer and closer to October 5th, so stay tuned.