Gruesome New Venom Trailer Slithers Online


After wow’ing those in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con with some awesome looking footage and promising the rest of us that a new trailer would be here soon, Sony’s made good on their word and dropped a brand new preview for Venom online today.

Gruesome, dark and everything we expected it to be, the footage on display here looks fantastic. To their credit, Sony’s SFX team have truly knocked it out of the park when it comes to Venom’s character design, as the pronounced jaw and many rows of teeth are pretty accurate to David Michelinie’s grotesque creation.

Overall, it looks to be a very faithful rendition of the titular anti-hero – not only does the alien symbiote emerge from Eddie’s chest to engage in conversation, but it’s also capable of towering over its enemies before delivering that fatal blow. Color us very, very intrigued.

Frankly, the film is shaping up to be extremely promising and if nothing else, this latest trailer is just another timely reminder of Hardy’s dual performance, which looks to be electrifying. Not to mention it shows us the ways in which Venom takes inspiration from some of cinema’s greatest directors. That’s right, all throughout development, Ruben Fleischer has cited the likes of John Carpenter and David Cronenberg as major influences, creatively speaking, so it’ll be interesting to watch as that horror legacy is infused into Hollywood’s superhero genre.

In related news, just the other week, Fleischer hinted at a post-credits scene which may or may not set up a sequel when Venom slithers into theaters on October 5th later this year. At which point, we might finally be getting the proper adaptation of down-on-his-luck reporter Eddie Brock and the goopy symbiote not of this world.