Tom Hardy Dismisses Recent Venom Rumors


Fanboys are a fickle breed. Make one mistake, and you’re paying the price for it for the next decade.

Everyone recalls the underwhelming capper to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, whether it’s through Tobey Maguire’s EMOtional Peter Parker phase, or the atrociously CGI’d Sandman. Far more likely, though, you’re at odds with the movie because of Topher Grace’s intermittently appearing Eddie Brock, AKA Venom. What was supposed to be the much-anticipated screen debut of one of Spider-Man’s fiercest and most likeable foes, turned out to be a dud.

Cut to a-little-over ten years later, and fans are finally getting over the 2007 letdown, and it’s because we’re about to witness Venom in his very own movie. Starring Tom Hardy in the titular role, the pic is currently slotted in for an October 5th release later this year.

And while lovers of the sinister symbiote would line up for the film now if they could, three days ago news broke that those expecting to see the Venom suit in all its glory come the Fall might be a tad disappointed. Here’s what the initial report stated:

“The majority of the movie sees the symbiote manifest itself via veins on Brock’s arms, tendrils, additional arms, and a shield during a car chase. You do not see the actual Venom suit until the very end of the film when the symbiote forms it around Brock to fight the big bad government villain who is also using a symbiote from space.”

Worried? Well, have no fear! Like in most of his movies, Venom himself, Tom Hardy, is here to save the day.

Earlier this week, the actor posted an image of a “Face Eater” to Instagram (see below) with the following caption: “just sayin Venom suit – myths usually asinine circulate about things usually by those who have failed to garner credible intel”

Venom Tom hardy Instagram

Clearly, Hardy’s combatting the rumours that Venom will mostly depict the Academy Award-nominee without the series’ signature suit. While nothing is for sure at this point, I’m much more inclined to believe the man inside the costume, than some unsubstantiated online reports.

Because with Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, and Woody Harrelson (Solo: A Star Wars Story) all on board, we have reason to believe that the pic will be able to live up to those sky-high expectations come October. Which is all the more impressive when you consider that an Eddie Brock solo movie has been languishing on the brink of development since as far back as 2007, when Topher Grace wrestled the sinister symbiote. But there’s a new Eddie in town, and Tom Hardy is about to bring his A game.

Venom officially makes a beeline for theaters on October 5th.