First Look At Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman And Noomi Rapace In Child 44


Though I wasn’t terribly impressed with his English-language debut Safe House, I can safely say that I’m eagerly awaiting director Daniel Espinosa’s next effort, Child 44. Starring Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Noomi Rapace (with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joel Kinnaman supporting), the film just wrapped production this past Summer and today, we finally get our first look at its stars.

Based on Tom Rob Smith’s novel of the same name, Hardy stars as Leo Stepanovich Demidov, “a Soviet police officer investigating a child killer run amok in the last days of Stalin‘s reign.” It’s important to note that the novel is the first of a trilogy, so if the film does well you can bet that we’ll be seeing these actors reprise their roles for a sequel.

As for the photos revealed today, they show off Oldman, Hardy and Rapace in costume but not much else. Still, it’s nice to get our first look at the film as it’s certainly shaping up to be a promising one. Like I said above, I didn’t care much for Safe House but with the talent that Espinosa has assembled here, I don’t see how he can go wrong.

Check out the pictures (above and below) and let us know whether or not you’re looking forward to Child 44 in the comments section.