Tom Hardy Teases Venom Vs. Spider-Man With Now Deleted Photo


After initially being scheduled for release in October, Venom 2 became the latest big budget movie to fall victim to the Coronavirus pandemic, getting pushed back eight months to the June 2021 spot recently vacated by The Batman. Not only that, but the official title for the symbiotic sequel was also revealed, and Let There Be Carnage certainly fits the first installment’s reputation as a comic book flick that feels like a remnant of a different time.

Sony seem to be embracing the opinion that Venom felt more like a 90s superhero movie than any of the more modern entries in the genre, and based on his over-the-top cameo during the end credits, Woody Harrelson seems set to devour as much scenery as possible as Cletus Kasady, in what will no doubt be an epic battle between his character and Tom Hardy’s sweaty, eccentric portrayal of Eddie Brock to see who can give the strangest performance.

There’s been constant rumors that Sony will find a way to tease the eventual appearance of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man into their own Marvel universe as well, and given the history between the two in the comic books, you can’t rule out the Venom franchise being the web-slinger’s first port of call as part of his new onscreen custody agreement.

In a recent social media post, Hardy made his opinions clear on what would happen if Spider-Man got in Venom’s way, and despite deleting the image minutes after it was initially posted, nothing ever really disappears on the internet, so you can check out the pic below.

Ever since Marvel Studios and Sony renegotiated their Spider-Man deal, neither side has come out and definitively stated what the terms are, although the general consensus is that he’ll headline his own movies in the MCU and play either supporting or cameo roles under the Sony banner. A Venom crossover is certainly something the fans want to see, but let’s just hope it doesn’t end as gruesomely one-sided as Tom Hardy seems to think it will.