Tom Hardy Replaces Hugh Jackman As Wolverine In Awesome New Art


With Hugh Jackman likely not returning as Wolverine, Marvel Studios has a tall task ahead of them in finding a new Logan for the MCU, now that they own the rights to the character. Perhaps the safest casting choice they could make, though, would be to hire Tom Hardy. After all, he’s been the internet’s top pick to replace Jackman for the longest time.

Various pieces of fan art have imagined the Venom actor with the Adamantium claws and now we have another. From Instagram digital artist House Of Mat, this artwork gives Hardy the traditional wolfish haircut as well as Wolverine’s synonymous cigar. An interesting touch is the snappy suit, as Logan’s not usually this much of a natty dresser, though the X-Men pin is a nice accessory. Let’s imagine that this is Wolverine attending one of Jean Grey’s many funerals.

We learned recently that the chatter about Hardy playing the mutant isn’t just something the fans want to see. X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn’s revealed that he originally had plans for another movie to come before Days of Future Past that would’ve introduced a different version of Logan played by the British actor. Vaughn and Fox separated over creative differences, however, and the project never materialized.

Hardy isn’t the only pick for Wolverine out there, though, as fans have also put forward a few other names who could fit the bill. Scott Eastwood seems a good bet, as does Keanu Reeves, who’s even made his interest in the role known. The same goes for Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa. Meanwhile, We Got This Covered has heard that Taron Egerton might be in with a shot. Alternatively, Marvel hasn’t given up hope that they can tempt Hugh Jackman back into the ring for one last round as Wolverine, but that seems like a longshot.