Tom Hardy Unveils Menacing New Venom Poster


The alien symbiote at the center of the upcoming Venom movie has a pretty twisted diet that apparently includes the heads of trembling criminals, so it only figures that he would have the menacing tongue to match.

Actor Tom Hardy just took to Instagram with the latest poster for Eddie Brock’s first standalone film, and here the spotlight is very much given to the long, dangling tongue of Spider-Man’s old foe, as Venom looms forebodingly from above.

While there’s not much to object to in this new image, the promotion for Ruben Fleischer’s next directorial work hasn’t always been met with the warmest of responses. The criticism received by the first Venom trailer for its lack of Venom got to the point where the director to felt the need to defend the marketing team, while admitting that the symbiote’s visual effects weren’t yet ready. Though subsequent trailers certainly gave us a lot more of the film’s titular antihero, Hardy’s notorious ‘turd in the wind’ line continues to draw snickers.

All that being said, the advertising for next month’s release can’t have been that off-putting, seeing how Venom is currently projected to break the box office record set by Gravity for largest domestic opening weekend in October. And with the film set to be the first entry in the awkwardly titled Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, lord knows, Sony would surely like this one to be a hit, even if that potentially means saddling the movie with a PG-13 rating to ensure the kids can get into cinemas.

A long tongue is impressive and all, but a long-lasting franchise would really be something, and we’ll see if Eddie Brock is up to the challenge when Venom hits theaters on October 5th.