Tom Hardy’s Capone Might Be Coming To Netflix


Josh Trank’s comeback vehicle Capone was supposed to rehabilitate a career that had come dangerously close to self-destruction with his involvement in the infamous Fantastic Four reboot, but all anybody seemed to want to ask him about were the behind-the-scenes rumors that plagued the comic book adaptation instead of the crime biopic he was trying to promote.

With all of the focus placed on either Trank’s past transgressions or the latest in a long line of bizarre Tom Hardy accents, it was probably for the best that the Coronovirus pandemic saw the movie head straight for a digital release instead of embarking on a theatrical run, where Capone went on to score record numbers for a Vertical Entertainment production.

While reviews haven’t been particularly enthusiastic, and Trank admitted that he isn’t surprised people don’t like the movie, the curiosity factor surrounding Capone has seen it do decent business on the home video market. However, for those unwilling to shell out full price, the working relationship between Vertical and Netflix could see the project eventually make its way onto the streaming service.

The studio have already made Miss Virginia and Polaroid available on Netflix, while their low-budget sci-fi Code 8 recently turned out to be a huge success after quickly becoming one of the platform’s most-watched movies, so it seems entirely plausible that Capone will follow suit and become available to their 183 million subscribers at some point in the near future.

Capone may have been a record-breaker for Vertical Entertainment, but that still only amounted to $2.5 million in sales over the first ten days. If the $21 million movie isn’t going to turn a profit, then there are definitely worse ideas for getting audiences to watch it than having it available on the world’s most popular streaming service.