Here’s What Tom Hiddleston Would Look Like As The DCEU’s Riddler


Seeing as Loki looks to have died (for real this time) in Avengers: Infinity War, Tom Hiddleston’s now free to pick up another iconic supervillain movie role. Fans had toyed with the idea of him playing the Joker in DC’s origins film, but we now know that role’s likely to be filled by Joaquin Phoenix. That doesn’t mean the Thor star can’t play a different member of Batman’s rogues gallery instead, though.

For instance, how about the Riddler? Some new fan art, first posted on Reddit, has surfaced this week and imagines what Hiddleston would look like as Gotham’s Prince of Puzzles. As you can see in the gallery below, the image dresses the actor up in Edward Nygma’s familiar green suit and hat and also gives him the character’s iconic question mark cane.

It’s easy to see how Hiddleston would be a good fit for the Riddler. In Loki, he played a mischievous villain who’s always three steps ahead of his enemies. What’s more, there’s a certain resemblance between the star and Frank Gorshin, who famously portrayed the villain in the 1960s Batman show.

Funnily enough, while Hiddleston has never expressed an interest in playing the Riddler, his frequent Marvel co-star has. Last year, Chris Hemsworth jokingly suggested he was up for the part in Matt Reeves’ The BatmanAt least, we’re pretty sure he was joking.

Whoever plays him, the Riddler definitely needs to return to the big screen. The last time he appeared in a Batman movie was in 1995’s Batman Forever, portrayed as a crotch-grabbing lunatic by Jim Carrey. A modern interpretation would likely bring out a more sinister edge to the character which would be interesting to see. In the meantime, though, at least we’ve got Cory Michael Smith’s version on TV’s Gotham

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