Tom Hiddleston Wanted For Ben-Hur Remake



Deadline is reporting tonight that MGM and Paramount have their eye on Tom Hiddleston for the lead role in their Ben-Hur remake, which currently has Wanted helmer Timur Bekmambetov attached to direct. If he signs on, the actor would step into the role of Judah Ben-Hur, which Charlton Heston played in the 1959 classic, and also won an Oscar for.

This new version of the biblical epic, which was penned by 12 Years a Slave scribe John Ridley, is said to focus “on the nature of faith,” and follows a “falsely accused nobleman who sets out to take vengeance on the best friend who betrayed him.” It’s also being reported that the story of Jesus Christ will be more prominent in this version of the film, which makes sense seeing as Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, producers of The Bible miniseries, are on board to produce here as well.

As for Hiddleston, Deadline says that he’s not locked in just yet, but he is the top choice. Signing on for a project like this is a massive commitment, and the actor is currently in high demand. So, whether he’ll want to tie himself down for what is sure to be a long shoot, and if he can even clear room in his schedule for the film, will likely be a large factor in his decision to take on the role.

We’ll definitely keep you posted once we hear more. For now, though, let us know what you think of Tom Hiddleston possibly leading Ben-Hur in the comments section below!

Source: Deadline

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