Tom Holland Has 5 Big Movies On The Way

Tom Holland-Spider-Man

We’ll be seeing plenty of Tom Holland on our screens for the foreseeable future. The Spider-Man actor is set to star in five movies over the next year or so and here’s a rundown of all those titles – you’d better get your popcorn ready.

Closest to release is an imminent psychological thriller from director Antonio Campos – The Devil All The Time. Holland will play a young man in the film who finds evil forces converging on him in a backwater Ohio town. You can catch it on Netflix from September 16th.

Following that, he’ll tackle science fiction for the first time in Chaos Walking. The pic is based on The Knife of Never Letting Go, a Patrick Ness novel about a colony whose women have been wiped out by, yep, a pathogen. How timely.

Summer 2021 then brings an adaptation of the Uncharted video game series, in which Holland, slightly incongruously, is playing a young Nathan Drake. Quite how that gets realized, however, is anyone’s guess.

Now, the most popular feature on the horizon for fans is also the one that needs the least context. Everyone knows what’s at stake for the as-yet untitled sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home. For now, we’ll have to stick with calling it Spider-Man 3, a premiere for which is currently pencilled in for December 17th, 2021.

That brings us down to Cherry, which for all we know could arrive sooner than any of the other movies on this list. The Russo brothers’ first post-Endgame project appears to have been sitting in a vault for an eternity. Back in July, they indicated a fall release was being planned, but since then, no further information has been forthcoming. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for now.

Right, finished at last. If there are conclusions to be drawn from Tom Holland’s enormous slate, one would be the diversity of genres on display, which is to his credit. The second is more striking. He’s the lead in every one of these movies. Hollywood evidently believes he’s a bankable star in the making, but does he have enough screen presence to be a leading man? The next year could be decisive.