Tom Holland Clears Up That Strange Avengers: Infinity War Moment Between Spider-Man And Star-Lord


One of the mysteries that has always haunted Avengers: Infinity War and its fans is how Star-Lord was able to catch Spider-Man in a headlock despite being a regular human.

The tricky thing about having so many superheroes with different abilities on the big screens in a single movie is to write the script in a way that eludes plot holes or logical errors if devoted fans were to think too much about it. And while the Russo brothers had a great test run with Captain America: Civil War and managed to do a pretty good job with the last two movies of the Infinity Saga, at least so far as these inconsistencies are concerned, eagle-eyed fans are an inevitable ordeal. To their disadvantage, many fans obsessively rewatch these pics over and over again and new slip-ups are bound to pop up every now and then.

For instance, during Infinity War, when both the Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man’s team of new Avengers arrive on Thanos’ homeworld, they get into a bit of a scuffle. In the heat of conflict, Spider-Man, who has enhanced strength and agility, not to mention the spider-sense to get him out of danger, is easily caught in a hold by Star-Lord. So I guess the question that asks itself is: How did this happen?

Well, the writers might have their own explanations about what really went wrong there, but Tom Holland just gave us the perfect answer, saying in the following in a recent interview:

“I wanted to be cuddled by Chris Pratt.”

In Spidey’s defense, the character was pretty disoriented when he arrived on the alien planet, so it’s fair to assume that he wasn’t exactly at the top of his game. Still, fans shouldn’t get too hung up on details like this, lest they ruin their experience of a movie franchise that features a literal god who can summon lightning down to the ground.

What do you think about this slip-up, though? And did these small narrative inconsistencies ruin your experience of watching Avengers: Infinity War? Sound off in the usual spot below.