Tom Holland Has Some Exciting Ideas For Who Could Play Sully In Uncharted

The Uncharted movie has been in the works for years now, but it’s fair to say that none of us expected it to become a prequel focusing on a young Nathan Drake, rather than depicting a version of the adult adventurer we all know and love from the hit PlayStation video game series, right?

Spider-Man: Homecoming lead Tom Holland has been cast as the young Nate in the movie and he’s now shared some thoughts on which actors should play Sully, the man who becomes a surrogate father to the youngster and takes him under his wing. While it’s not been confirmed just yet, the character showing up here is pretty much inevitable and an exploration of their relationship has a lot of potential based on what we’ve seen of their past in the games.

“I think Jake Gyllenhaal could be really cool. But I actually went to the Jurassic World 2 film set the other day to visit my friend who’s directing it and Chris Pratt is on that film, who I’ve become very good friends with over the last few months. I think he would be a great Sully, I think it could be cool. Because if it was an older movie, I would say that Chris should play Nathan, but I think he would be a cool Sully, and I love working with Chris, so if I could work with Chris some more that would be great.”

Both of those are brilliant suggestions, though Pratt would be a cool choice considering the fact he seemingly came quite close to playing Nate himself at one point, back when the film wasn’t yet a prequel. It sounds like we’ll get to see his and Holland’s chemistry in Avengers: Infinity War too, so the chances of these two sharing the screen again seems very high indeed.

We’ll just have to wait and see, of course, but watching the cast of Uncharted come together should be pretty interesting. The fourth instalment introduced Nate’s older brother, while there are more than a few different characters from the games who could appear here as their younger selves, too.

Uncharted doesn’t have a release date just yet and the studio is currently looking for a new writer, so it could be a while before we get any solid casting updates unfortunately. Either way though, we’ll be sure to let you know once we hear more.

Source: Yahoo Movies