Here’s How Tom Holland Could Look In A Back To The Future Reboot


Popular fandom artist and Twitter user BossLogic has posted his take on what Tom Holland would look like as Marty McFly in a Back to the Future reboot.

Of course, the exceptionally convincing picture (seen below) isn’t the first we’ve heard about Holland in Back to the Future. A recent deepfake video cast the Spider-Man actor as Marty alongside fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe star Robert Downey Jr. as Doc Brown. As to be expected, this immediately created a significant online cry for Holland to star in a reboot of the popular 1980s sci-fi series. And it’s not the first time, either. Fans have been clamoring for more adventures with Marty and Doc for a while now.

Sadly, as much as we’d all love to see Hollywood’s favorite web slinger as Marty McFly, producer Bob Gale is a lot less enthusiastic about the prospect. Despite being consistently approached about rebooting or extending Back to the Future, Gale has remained adamant that the series not continue so long as he’s alive and breathing. During a recent BBC News discussion, he went on record stating:

You know, you don’t sell your kids into prostitution. It was the wrong thing to do. We put ‘The End’ at the end of part three… Plus Michael J. Fox isn’t in the shape to do a movie, and nobody wants to see Marty McFly having Parkinson’s disease, and nobody wants to see another actor playing Marty McFly if it’s supposed to be a continuation.

Even Holland, who has stated that he’s had discussions about rebooting the franchise, has also made it very clear that Back to the Future is a “perfect movie” – one that he wouldn’t be interested in remaking.

While we may not see a full reboot of Back to the Future anytime soon, then, the incredible success of the original film spawned two solid sequels, a short-lived animated series, and even a Telltale game series. Not to mention that after a long time in development, John Rando’s Back to the Future musical opened at Manchester Opera House on February 20th of this year and will follow up with a run through London and then West End.