Tom Holland blasts the press for twisting his words on ‘Spider-Man’ future

Tom Holland made waves recently when an interview made the rounds that found the actor in a reflective mood, one where he seemingly admitted that if he was still playing Spider-Man once he’d hit 30, something had gone seriously wrong in his career.

Eyebrows were raised when Sony producer Amy Pascal revealed a brand new trilogy was in the works shortly afterwards that would see Holland suiting up for three brand new blockbusters and presumably a handful of crossovers, so people were left wondering how fast the studio were expecting to churn out multiple web-slinging adventures.

As it turns out, the 25 year-old’s comments had been twisted and refitted to suit the narrative the interview wanted to push, which was presumably one designed to generate discussion and debate on the internet. Speaking to Extra, Holland voiced his frustrations at how the press tends to manipulate his words for their own benefit.

“This is just a perfect example of how like everything you say is always misconstrued and no one actually speaks the truth. I don’t know what the future of Spider-Man looks like. I don’t know whether I’m going to be a part of it. Spider-Man will always live on in me, and I know that Amy and the studio are keen to figure out what the next chapter of Spider-Man looks like.

If that happens to be with me, then that’s very exciting; but if it’s time for me to walk away, then I’ll do so proudly. What I was referring to in that interview where I said ‘If I was playing Spider-Man when I’m 30 I’ve done something wrong,’ it’s because I would be taking up an opportunity for someone to come in and change what being Spider-Man means. Spider-Man could be more diverse; it could be a female character – it could be anything. So that’s what I was saying – and thanks to that journalist for changing that, I really appreciate it.”

That makes it pretty clear that Holland has no issues playing Spider-Man once he hits the milestone in June 2026, which is just as well because fans will be hoping he sticks around for as long as possible. It must be tough for the young star to live his life in the public eye with the threat of misquotes looming in the background, but at least he’s cleared this one up.