‘Spider-Man’ fans going wild after Sony announces new Tom Holland trilogy

Tom Holland has been open in admitting that he’s planning to take a short break from acting once Spider-Man: No Way Home has been released, and he finishes the press circuit for video game adaptation Uncharted, but he clearly won’t be away from our screens for too long.

The actor’s initial six-picture deal expires after the release of his third outing as Peter Parker, but it’s pretty evident that he’s already signed a new one after Sony producer Amy Pascal confirmed that plans are already afoot for another trilogy. Holland has been open in revealing his exhaustion from shooting No Way Home and Uncharted back-to-back, so we shouldn’t be expecting Spider-Man 4 to race into production until at least the back half of next year.

However, the news that we’re getting another trio of web-slinging Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters starring the iconic superhero is more than enough to send social media into a tizzy, as you can see from the reactions below.

The raft of reveals coming our way from Sony are looking to offset the widespread disappointment felt by those that haven’t yet managed to acquire their Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets, but at least we now know we’ll have to go through the exact same thing at least another three times.