Tom Holland compares his Peter Parker to Marty McFly

Back to the Future Part II

Robert Zemeckis has been adamant that Back to the Future will never be remade or rebooted as long as he’s around, and anyone planning on taking another crack at the classic franchise will have to pry the rights from his cold, dead hands, which is probably the sole reason why it hasn’t happened yet.

The trilogy is rightly lauded as a bastion of Hollywood excellence, taking audiences on a trio of fun-filled, smart, action-packed and exciting time travel adventures, with the first installment in particular about as close to perfection as any blockbuster has ever gotten.

That being said, plenty of fans have thrown their support behind the idea of Marvel Cinematic Universe co-stars Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland reuniting as the new Doc Brown and Marty McFly. While it’s very unlikely to happen, the Spider-Man star did compare his spin on Peter Parker to Back to the Future during his recent appearance on Hot Ones.

“But the biggest inspiration for me, and my biggest goal in playing Spider-Man, I really wanted to be this generation’s Marty McFly. That’s up for everyone else’s opinion, but for me, I’m really proud of what we did, and especially my relationship with Downey. To me, there’s a lot of similarities between Marty and Doc. I know that they have deepfaked us and made that happen — which was a huge honor for me, I loved seeing it — but that, for me, would have been the biggest inspiration.” 

Not many movies have ever come close to capturing the magic of Back to the Future, and while it’s up for debate whether the MCU’s Spider-Man series has managed to replicate the formula to any great degree, both properties are equally popular, beloved and bankable, which is more than enough.