Tom Holland Says The Devil All The Time Was A Huge Step For Him

The Devil All The time Tom Holland

Tom Holland has a new movie just days away, and in his words, it was a huge step for him. The Spider-Man star will take the lead role in The Devil All The Time, a new Netflix thriller that’s set to go to some very dark places.

Here’s what he shared in a recent Instagram post, which also highlighted how much he enjoyed working with director Antonio Campos:

Working with [Campos] was an absolute pleasure. The Devil All The Time was a huge step for me to take and I can’t imagine anyone better to do it with. The 16th of September this film is yours on @netflix so let me know what you think and enjoy!

If you’ve seen the trailer (featured above), you’ve probably already got an impression of what Holland means when he says this was a huge step. Taking the lead in what looks to be such a psychologically challenging movie will place demands on his acting ability that he hasn’t previously faced, as the forever-teenaged star plays Arvin Russell, a young man who finds himself confronted with sinister forces in Knockemstiff, Ohio.

You know, it’s pleasing to see an actor who broke through as a franchise babe making such an effort to diversify their credits. A few days ago, we took a look at all the movies he has lined up for release in the next 18 months, and the range is striking. There’s a sci-fi adaptation, a video game vehicle, a crime drama…Holland’s doing the lot. If even a couple of them come off, he’ll have established himself as a performer with an eye for viable projects. The first test of his judgement (and his chops) arrives on September 16th.

If you’ve got any hopes for The Devil All The Time, leave a comment with them below. Spider-Man fans may be in for a rude awakening if they’re expecting more of the same because spoiler alert, it won’t be. Best wait for Spider-Man 3 if psychological terror isn’t your thing.