Tom Holland Explains Why The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Wasn’t Released


Last Tuesday, it was reported that the first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer would premiere on the following Saturday, and that’s exactly what happened. It’s just a shame that most of us didn’t get to see it.

Though the new footage from the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel still doesn’t have an official online release, the teaser did show at Brazil’s Comic Con Experience (CCXP), where star Tom Holland appeared at a panel to explain that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures wanted to screen this trailer as an exclusive treat for the event’s attendees.

“We debuted the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer just for you guys exclusively, because sometimes we just want to show our support, and you guys have been so amazing to us ever since I got this job.” Holland said. “And I guess we just wanted to come and say thank you really, and that was our way for Marvel and Sony to say thank you. And I hope you enjoyed it. We loved it.”

“It’s amazing to see something you worked so hard on become a reality, and then share it with the people who really want to see it. So again, thank you for having us, CCXP has been amazing.”

Holland’s Far From Home co-star Jake Gyllenhaal was also in attendance, and shared some similar sentiments with the fans.

“And you know for us, Brazil is far from home, so it only fits,” Gyllenhaal reflected. “Show it to a group of people that we expect and admire in a country that we love far from home.”

Of course, it’s probably safe to assume that Marvel and Sony have their own behind-the-scenes reasons for wanting to save the trailer’s online release for later, but the rest of us likely won’t have long to wait before we can see some footage from Peter Parker’s next solo outing.

Either way, this last week has already offered more than its share of big MCU reveals, with the latest Captain Marvel trailer dropping Monday, before the long-awaited first teaser for Avengers: Endgame arrived on Friday. After all the excitement spawned by these two unveilings – and the latter in particular – you could argue that the Far From Home preview’s delayed release might ultimately prove beneficial in generating fan enthusiasm, since it’s no longer having to follow on from the most hyped-up trailer of the year.

But regardless of when we get our first proper look at Spider-Man: Far From Home, we’ll be seeing the whole thing when the film hits theaters on July 5th, 2019.