Tom Holland Flaunts His Aerobic Abilities Ahead Of Spider-Man Role


Back when Sony and Marvel leveraged the rights to Spider-Man, paving the way for the webslinger to return to his native home, both studios cast the net to find an actor to supplant Andrew Garfield in the lead role. As that search gained traction, we began to learn of the criteria that Marvel in particular had in mind when selecting a new Peter Parker: younger, for a start, and much more nimble.

Fresh from showing off his new haircut – one which directly aligns his rendition of the webslinger with Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man series – actor Tom Holland has now taken to Instagram to flaunt his aerobic abilities for all to see. Taken from a recent gymnastics session that the actor partook in, Holland showcases some remarkable skills; skills that ought to allay any fears that Jon Watts’ 2017 standalone feature would rely to heavily on stunt doubles or special effects.

Here’s the video in full courtesy of Tom Holland’s Instagram feed:

While it isn’t a form of marketing in the traditional sense, the actor’s teaser is enough to ensure that our excitement remains in tip-top shape ahead of Holland swinging into action in next year’s Captain America: Civil War. Perhaps more so than any superhero that’s been given the big-screen treatment, Spider-Man is a costumed icon that is tricky to portray in the sense that it requires remarkable athleticism and stamina. And while we don’t expect Holland to perform every piece of stuntwork – swinging between skyscrapers is a particular no-no – it’ll be interesting to see how the actor uses his nimble physicality during some of the more low-key fight scenes.

Captain America: Civil War will welcome Tom Holland’s webslinger to the fray on May 6, 2016, before the actor makes his fully-fledged debut in Watts’ Spider-Man standalone feature in 2017.