Tom Holland is here to steal your heart in new ‘Uncharted’ poster


The latest poster for Sony’s Uncharted movie has landed, and it features Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake free-falling from the sky.

After years in the making, the much-anticipated adaptation of the hit video game franchise is almost here. Unsurprisingly, given that he’s just starred in the biggest movie of the pandemic era, the marketing for Uncharted is heavily emphasizing the appeal of its leading man.

Tom Holland is “here to steal treasure and your heart”, according to the Uncharted Twitter account’s caption for the poster. The dizzying one-sheet captures Holland’s Drake mid-fall, as he clings onto a storage crate after being flung from an out of control cargo plane.

A recent featurette dived behind the scenes of how this ambitious airplane stunt — inspired by a similar moment from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception — was realized, revealing that it took a whole five weeks to shoot. Holland even called it “the hardest action sequence” he’s ever done, which is a pretty big claim considering his multiple appearances in the Marvel universe to date — most recently in December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Co-starring Mark Wahlberg as Drake’s mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan, Uncharted serves as an origin story for the more mature video game character, explaining how he started out as a treasure seeker. Drake and Sully will go up against ruthless fortune hunter Moncada (Antonia Banderas) to claim “the greatest treasure never found”, all while tracking clues that may lead to Drake’s long-lost brother.

As directed by Venom‘s Ruben Fleischer, Uncharted also features Sophia Ali as Nate’s love interest Chloe Frazer, while Tati Gabrielle portrays faithful’s henchwoman Braddock. Don’t miss the movie when it flies exclusively into theaters from February 18 in the US.

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