Marvel Fans Can’t Believe How Unfazed Tom Holland Seems By Disney/Sony Split


It’s only been a day since the news broke that Spider-Man will no longer be part of the MCU, but it seems that the entire planet has already stopped spinning, just so it can deal.

Fans, celebrities, MCU stars, and even the stock market are in an uproar. Everything’s still fresh, and while there is the hope that the split between Sony and Disney can be reversed in time, for now at least, Twitter is full of pissed off fans. It’s basically the result of the Mouse House wanting more money, and that’d be understandable, if it wasn’t Disney we were talking about. The company has made enough money from its movies this year to buy Uranus and its 27 moons, but it wanted more from the Spider-verse. Obviously, Sony refused and here we are.

The one guy you’d think would be all over this is Spidey himself, Tom Holland. A Twitter Rant. A live Facebook feed of him sulking. Something. But no. All we’ve gotten so far is this Instagram post:

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Every lads dream. Courtesy of @wiresonly. Thanks boss man.

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That’s it, just Tom in his new car. Sure, he has a slightly concerned look on his face and also appears to be looking in the rear-view mirror, as if pondering how his future is affected by his past. But overall, he doesn’t seem to be giving two craps about his current situation, and fans are all over the place about it.

Others, meanwhile, realized that Tom is still going to get paid and buy new cars, no matter what Sony or Disney does.

All this hoopla comes from Disney attempting to change their current deal of a 5% cut of first-dollar gross. Instead, they wanted a 50/50 split, to which Sony didn’t even counteroffer. So, Spider-Man is now out of the MCU. But is there any chance of the two parties coming back to the negotiating table? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment down below.