Tom Holland Just Dropped A Minor Spider-Man: Far From Home Spoiler


Tom Holland is pretty awful at keeping secrets – you know it, I know it, and MCU chief Kevin Feige very much knows it, too.

It’s part of the actor’s shtick, of course, as being one of the youngest members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and indeed the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, gives him a sort of innocent (and sometimes impish) recklessness, whereby Holland tends to get away with spoiling Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s title, or the fact that Homecoming will lead to a bona fide Spidey trilogy, without too many consequences from the Powers That Be.

Granted, that first one wasn’t exactly a spoiler, as Kevin Feige recently told us that they allowed Tom Holland to ‘leak’ Far From Home‘s title on the eve of production, as it likely would’ve been revealed sooner or later and who better to divulge Marvel-related details ahead of time than Tom Holland? Nevertheless, it seems the actor’s at it again now, dropping another spoiler for the sequel – though thankfully, this one’s not too big.

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, Holland shared a video of himself where he essentially told us that he’s been having trouble on set because the Spider-Man suit he’s wearing is difficult to go to the washroom in. Now, in and of itself, that’s not anything particularly exciting to learn about. I mean, he’s far from the first actor to have trouble with a costume. But upon further inspection, his comments actually reveal something fairly interesting.

In Avengers: Infinity War, we saw Peter Parker in his Iron Spider armor, which was entirely CG. In fact, Holland just had to wear motion capture pajamas while on set. So, if he’s saying here that he’s wearing a suit, we can take that to mean he’s back in his traditional costume and for whatever reason, isn’t using the Iron Spider anymore.

Again, not a huge spoiler by any means, but it does have us wondering what happened to the armor Tony made him and why he’s switched back to his classic suit for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Luckily, we probably won’t have to wonder about it for too long, though, as we’re sure Holland’s just waiting to spoil that for us next.