Sony Doesn’t Have To Bring Back Tom Holland For Spider-Man 3


Marvel fans are still reeling from the news that Spider-Man is no longer part of the MCU, due to a breakdown in the partnership between Sony and Disney. The silver lining of the situation is that all the signs are pointing to Tom Holland returning as Peter Parker for Spider-Man 3, whatever shape that takes. After all, the actor’s revealed before that he’s signed up for at least three solo films as the hero. So, it’s certain that he’s coming back, right?

Well, it turns out it’s not that clear-cut. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed some additional details about the future of the hero on the big screen, with “a Sony insider” explaining that Holland’s contract only has the option for a third movie. So, if Sony wants him, then Holland may very well return. However, if the studio doesn’t and wishes to reboot the wall-crawler yet again now that he’s out of the MCU, then they can recast Spidey if they wish.

Before you all freak out even more, though, it’s important to remember that previous intel has pointed to Sony planning two more vehicles for Holland. Likewise, Sony’s statement may have confirmed the split with Disney, but it made clear that they respect the direction Marvel took Spidey in and will “continue” on from where they left off. This sounds a lot like they intend to invite the actor back.

Then again, there’s no guarantee at this point and it’d certainly be a shame if this was it for his career as Spidey. The Spider-Man: Far From Home star has made no secret of his lifelong love of the web-slinger and even recently stated that he’d love to play the character for another 10 movies. This almost seemed feasible when he was part of the never-ending MCU, but now his future’s shrouded in Mysterio… er, mystery.

Anyways, to summarize, we’ve got a good feeling that Tom Holland will be back for Spider-Man 3but we just can’t say for sure until the dust settles and Sony reveals which direction they want to take the hero in next.