Tom Holland names Spider-Man characters he wants to see in their own movie

Tom Holland has been adamant that he wants to see Miles Morales debut in a live-action Spider-Man movie sooner rather than later, and the chances are exceedingly high that it’ll happen eventually.

After all, Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis name-dropped his nephew four years ago in Homecoming, which led to Kevin Feige confirming that the fan favorite wall-crawler exists out there somewhere. The current incumbent of the spandex has also endorsed Miles as his permanent replacement when he hangs up the suit for good, but that’s not all.

Speaking to Extra, Holland was discussing the long-term future of the Spider-Man series when he admitted that “I’d like to see Miles, I’d like to see Silk. I think you could do a really cool Jackpot movie.”, and it’s something that Sony have already taken into consideration.

The animated version of Miles has the two-part Across the Spider-Verse to deal with first, but the other two may be closer than he realizes. A live-action Silk TV series is in active development at Amazon with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller executive producing, while Arrowverse co-creator Marc Guggenheim was hired to script a Jackpot feature last summer. Whether Holland will still be Spider-Man if and when these projects make it to the screen is an entirely different question.