Tom Holland Reveals Someone Else Played Peter Parker In The MCU Before Him


Spider-Man’s introduction into the MCU back in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War opened up a plethora of possibilities for crossovers. A curious one that fans quickly took to, however, was the idea that Peter Parker had actually appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe many years prior.

If you’ll recall, in Iron Man 2, a young boy wearing an Iron Man mask was rescued by Tony Stark at the Stark Expo. Given that we know Peter’s a science nerd and a big fan of Tony’s, it made sense that this could’ve been him. Turns out it was, as Tom Holland has since confirmed that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige considers it to be canon and that the kid we saw in the aforementioned sequel was definitely a young Peter Parker. However, it obviously wasn’t Holland playing him.

This is something the actor spoke about once again in a recent interview for Far From Home. When asked if the studio still considers it canon, Tom confirmed that yes, that really was Peter in Iron Man 2.

“Well Spider-Man is actually in a previous Marvel movie. My version of Spider-Man. Do you know where it is?… My Peter Parker is in ‘Iron Man 2’, but at the end when all the robots are attacking all the people, and the little kid’s wearing an Iron Man mask, and the bad robot recognizes the Iron Man mask as a threat, and the kid puts his hand up. Then Tony Stark lands next to him and blows him away and goes ‘Good job kid!’ and flies away. That’s the theory… No it was actually me, it was me. Kevin Feige confirmed it.”

But if it wasn’t Tom in the role, then who was it? Well, turns out it was director Jon Favreau’s son Max, which means that yes, someone else played Parker in the MCU before Holland was introduced. And though that may not be terribly surprising to most, it’s still an interesting bit of trivia.

Fast-forwarding to the present day, though, and Tom Holland is most definitely the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Peter Parker and can currently be seen swinging around in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is already breaking records at the box office and will surely continue to do so.