Tom Holland Pulls Spider-Man Pose In Uncharted Trailer, Internet Loses Mind


Tom Holland’s last two forays into effects-driven blockbuster territory outside of his Marvel Cinematic Universe comfort zone did not go well, but that doesn’t mean Uncharted is guaranteed to follow suit.

Many of the MCU’s marquee names tend to struggle outside of the spandex, but having lent his vocal talents to the disastrous Dolittle and shared top billing with Daisy Ridley in the crushingly tedious YA adaptation Chaos Walking, both of which flopped hard at the box office, let’s hope that third time marks the charm for the popular and highly talented star.

The trailer for Sony’s globetrotting video game adventure has already drawn a mixed response from the online community, but as you can see from the reactions below, fans lost their shit when Holland’s Nathan Drake pulls off a hero pose not unlike that of a certain Peter Parker.

He may as well have winked to the camera afterwards, but let’s hope Sony doesn’t build the entirety of Uncharted around the notion of having an actor that you like from another movie do things that you like seeing him do in a different franchise. If the studio thinks that’ll be enough to put butts in seats when the movie comes to theaters in February 2022, then it’s mistaken.