Tom Holland Reportedly Wants Jon Bernthal’s Punisher In His Spider-Man Movies


The legal and contractual specifics relating to the Marvel characters that had made their home on Netflix remains murky, and will no doubt stay that way for a while yet. After the streaming service canceled the entirety of their MCU superhero lineup, most people assumed it was only a matter of time before the characters were rebooted and absorbed into the big screen franchise.

However, there’s been speculation that the studio will need to wait a little longer before the rights officially revert back to them, and the situation is made cloudier by reports that the stars of each series were contracted to Netflix rather than the shows themselves. Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio and Jon Bernthal have all made it perfectly clear that they’re not ready to give up playing Daredevil, Kingpin or the Punisher just yet, and the fans wouldn’t be happy, either, if they were available but ended up getting replaced anyway.

The very much R-rated Punisher seems like he’d be particularly tough to fit into the wholesome and family-friendly MCU, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us the Fast & Furious franchise is headed to space and Ben Affleck was returning for The Flash, both of which were correct – that Tom Holland wants Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle to show up in a future Spider-Man movie.

According to our intel, Holland is said to be a huge fan of the character and the actor, having struck up a friendship with Bernthal over the years. And if the 43 year-old ends up returning as the Punisher, then the MCU’s Peter Parker is pushing for it to happen on his watch. It would most likely be a cameo or brief supporting role given that Marvel wouldn’t exactly be keen on having the vigilante gun down dozens of criminals in full view of a high school student in a PG-13 blockbuster, but seeing him turn up in any capacity would no doubt please a lot of fans.