Tom Holland Reports For Duty In New Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Pic


Filming continues apace on the UK set of Spider-Man: Far From Home today, and a new set photo has arrived to prove it.

Initially released via Reddit (h/t Heroic Hollywood), the candid pic (seen in the gallery below, along with a few from the other day) finds Tom Holland dressed in civvies as he arrives at the Far From Home set, which is said to be located in and around Hertfordshire, England. He’s holding what appears to be a cup of coffee and a small, handheld fan – which is just as well, too, given the United Kingdom is currently basking in a summer heatwave.

The finer details of this scene remain under lock and key; all we know is that it was shot inside a former post office, so perhaps Tom Holland’s Web-Head is simply collecting his Euros as he heads off on summer vacation? Maybe, but something tells us that Jon Watts and his team have something a little more exciting planned for the 2019 Marvel sequel…

Besides, now that Spider-Man: Far From Home has nailed down an official title – ahead of Avengers 4, no less – excitement for the MCU follow-up is at an all-time high. And understandably so.

Production is set to span the entire summer, and we understand that Berlin and New York City have also been earmarked as possible locations for the Spidey sequel. Marvel has already captured a shot of Mr. Delmar, too, proving that the best sandwich-maker in all of Queens is still alive and well, but it doesn’t bring us any closer to knowing the extent of his role, unfortunately.

Thwip! Spider-Man: Far From Home has been slated for release on July 5th, and when it does, it may well carve out room for a Captain Britain cameo.