Tom Holland Shares Photos With Robert Downey Jr. Amid Spider-Man Debacle

RDJ Iron Man

Spider-Man fans are not in a good place right now, following the news that the wall-crawler is gone from the MCU due to a falling out between Sony and Disney. Thankfully, Tom Holland was on hand to cheer us up with his latest Instagram post. The star recently reunited with Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., with Holland sharing a bunch of snaps showing him and Downey having a good time.

The last time we saw these two together in the MCU was in the climactic scene of Avengers: Endgame, when Tony died in Peter’s arms after having defeated Thanos once and for all. The last thing Peter says to his mentor is “We won, Mr Stark.” It feels like Holland’s referencing that tragic moment in his caption for this post, with the actor writing: “WE DID IT MR STARK.”

We weren’t going to ever see these two on the big screen again anyway, after Tony’s sacrifice, but as things stand, it looks like Spidey won’t be teaming up with any of the rest of the Avengers in the future of the franchise, either. The full details are still coming to light, but it’s clear that Sony and Marvel are at a stalemate when it comes to agreeing to a new financial deal to share the character. Which means that Marvel Studios will likely have nothing to do with his solo films from now on and the webslinger won’t be able to crossover into any other movies, either.

There’s a lot of talk about the two studios reopening negotiations, though, and hopefully working something out. But if they don’t, it’ll be mighty weird for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to continue on under Sony but never mention his connection to Iron Man again. Especially when he’s been such an important part of his story so far.