Tom Holland Shares New BTS Video From Avengers: Endgame’s Funeral Scene


The big final scene of Avengers: Endgame was a tragic, emotional sequence, as the heroes of the MCU gathered to honour their fallen friend at Tony Stark’s funeral. It was also a heavily-guarded secret, with the cast asked to keep their phones away to stop spoilery images from leaking out. On the day, though, it seems like the stars had a lot of fun during filming, even flaunting the no-cameras rule.

We know this thanks to a hilarious new video shared by Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, on Instagram. The recording shows Holland and co-stars Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth in costume on location all visibly filming each other on their phones. Meanwhile, Benedict Cumberbatch is standing by with a look of mock-disapproval on his face.

“Hands down the most memorable day of my career and still to this day, the strangest wedding I’ve ever been to,” Holland wrote in his caption, referencing the fact that Marvel told the cast that they were filming a wedding scene. Something the actor has revealed that he believed for far too long.

As with Avengers: Infinity War, the studio was apparently so keen to keep spoilers to a minimum for Avengers: Endgame that virtually none of the cast members received full scripts. I say virtually, as only Robert Downey Jr. was trusted with the whole screenplay. I suppose after 11 years of serving Marvel well, they knew they could trust the actor to keep their biggest secrets.

Unlike Holland, Hemsworth, Evans and Ruffalo, who as you can see from the video above, just couldn’t help getting their phones out during what was no doubt the most spoiler-y day of shooting.

Source: Instagram