Tom Holland deviously spoiled a major MCU moment for Zendaya

As the press tour for Spider-Man: No Way Home continues, the cast and crew have revealed more shining nuggets as they promote the upcoming and much-anticipated threequel. 

Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and Zendaya have been grouped together for most press interviews since Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the group’s chemistry has brought highly entertaining clips during the reunion.

Zendaya revealed that the ending of Avengers: Endgame was spoiled for her by none other than Tom Holland, with the Spider-Man actor spoiling the ultimate fate of Tony Stark / Iron Man and his sacrifice play to save the world from Thanos. It’s definitely a big one to be spoiled, and I don’t think she’s the only one who had the ending spoiled before seeing the film.

When pressed on the subject of spoilers she wished she didn’t know about Iron Man, Zendaya threw her co-star/boyfriend under the bus.

Holland feigns ignorance at the top and asks, “who told you that?” and “that’s terrible” before finishing with “we should find out who spoiled it” as Jacob Batalon laughs and Zendaya remains in a trademark annoyed face. 

Holland’s definitely garnered a reputation of spoiling Marvel movies but seems to have done an outstanding job so far whilst promoting No Way Home to avoid any major blunders. Nevertheless, it’s worth speculating if Tom Holland spoiling things is part of the official marketing strategy by Sony – as it does create a lot of content and discussion. 

With plenty of time left on the press tour, maybe there’ll be time for Holland to live up to type and spoil a major moment in what is looking to be the biggest Spider-Man film of all time.