Tom Holland Reveals A Sad Truth About Captain America: Civil War

In the grand scheme of things, Captain America: Civil War is one of the most important Marvel movies of the lot.

As a matter of fact, when people were composing their MCU marathons in anticipation of Avengers: Endgame, Joe and Anthony’s Civil War was soon identified as a must-watch – the kind of movie you simply cannot skip, otherwise you risk being totally confused by the whole Tony/Steve reunion in Endgame.

Moreover, Civil War also holds a special place in our hearts for introducing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to the MCU, though it seems the actor has a surprise admission to make now that Endgame has come and gone. Remember when Peter Parker references that ‘really old movie’ Empire Strikes Back? Turns out Holland has never actually seen what is undoubtedly one of the best Star Wars films ever made.

It’s so funny, the two films I’ve referenced in their movies, the first one is Empire Strikes Back and the second one is Alien[s], and I haven’t seen either of those movies. That’s kind of a Russo thing, that joke, is the movie references stuff.

Ditto for Avengers: Infinity War and the moment when the young actor name-drops another ‘really old movie’ (read: Aliens) and the infamous airlock trick as a way to defeat Ebony Maw. And sure enough, it works like a charm, the only problem is Tom Holland has never actually seen the movie on which it is based.

Aliens AND Empire Strikes Back?! Granted, Tom Holland is still only 22, but it’s fair to say the actor is sadly missing out on a pair of film classics. Perhaps when Spider-Man: Far From Home has come and gone, the young Avenger can catch up on everything he’s missing out on?