Tom Holland’s New Movie Is Dominating Netflix

The Devil All The time Tom Holland

Usually, audiences have grown sick of blockbusters by this time of year, and the studios subsequently unleash a barrage of prestige dramas as counter-programming. Obviously that hasn’t happened, though, and the big budget spectacle only seems to keep getting further and further away, but that doesn’t mean that the awards season rollout has to be pushed back like virtually everything else has in 2020.

Netflix launched one of the earliest contenders in Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, which drew widespread acclaim and is guaranteed at least a few nods in the major categories, especially when it comes to Delroy Lindo’s phenomenal performance. But the streaming service are now throwing another title into consideration following the release of The Devil All the Time.

This one is proving to be a little more divisive, with many critics and viewers finding the neo-noir tale a difficult movie to sit through due to the tough subject matter and haunting narrative. But one thing everyone seems to be in agreement with is that the acting is incredible across the board, with Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland, in particular, proving that there are many more strings to their bows than superheroes and big name franchises.

The fluctuating reactions makes it look as though users are enjoying The Devil All the Time more than the critics are, and Christine director Antonio Campos’ latest hard-hitting drama is already proving to be hugely popular on Netflix even though it only arrived yesterday, as it’s currently the #1 most-watched title on the platform. On Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritc, meanwhile, the movie holds scores of 72% and 58, while users have placed it at a much higher 89% and 8.6, respectively, which marks one of the rare occasions that an awards-baiting drama appeals more to film consumers rather than connoisseurs.