Tom Holland’s Spidey All But Confirmed For Avengers: Infinity War


If a translated interview with Vogue is any indication, Tom Holland has all but confirmed his place in Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War.

First spotted by CBM, the Tweets below were posted through a Tom Holland fan account, with the purported quote reading as so: “The producers wanted to be sure that I was the right person before you entrust three films over the next four years, including Avengers: Infinity War [sic].” There’s no way of telling how accurate that translation is, but it’s worth noting that Holland has previously confirmed his current Marvel contract spans three solo movies – Spider-Man: Homecoming included – along with three appearances in other tentpoles.

Last year’s Captain America: Civil War marked Tom Holland’s MCU debut, so that means Infinity War could well be the second of three roles in Marvel projects not titled Spider-Man. If that holds true, the young British actor will be teaming up with the remainder of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – not to mention the Guardians of the Galaxy – come 2018, along with another film further down the line. Avengers 4, perhaps?

Here are those Tweets in question. Marvel is yet to announce anything official, but we’ll be keeping track of this one as it develops.

Avengers: Infinity War is currently penciled in for May 4, 2018, while its untitled sequel will be with us in May of 2019. As for Spider-Man: Homecoming, look for Tom Holland’s standalone debut to arrive on July 7.

Source: CBM