First Trailer For Tom Holland’s New Movie Coming Very Soon

Tom Holland-Spider-Man

According to, Tom Holland‘s upcoming drama film Cherry will be receiving its first trailer very soon. The news reportedly comes from the mouths of the movie’s directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, who say the picture is almost done.

While everyone knows Holland as the latest actor to portray the character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, the Russos aren’t quite on the same level of fame as they work from behind the camera. After gaining traction directing episodes of the NBC sitcom Community, the siblings went on to helm films like Captain America: The Winter SoldierInfinity War and Endgame. 

For their latest, the Russos have decided to take a break from sprawling superhero-filled action blockbusters and focus on a much more personal story instead. In Cherry, Holland will star as an army medic afflicted with PTSD who becomes a bank robber in order to pay off debts he accrued through drug addiction.

For months, the film has been hotly-anticipated by both fans of Tom Holland and the Russos. Unfortunately, however, very little is known about it and though the first trailer is yet to release, the directors promise they’ll drop it sooner rather than later.

“We’re in the scoring phase right now,” Joe Russo told, “so we’re finishing our sound mix in about a month. So we’re getting depth, we’re getting close to the point where the movie will be completed. We’re just weeks away.”

Cherry was originally planned to come out sometime this year. However, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic – which halted film and television productions around the globe – the official release date has yet to be determined. “It’s complicated time right now to figure out what the release for it looks like and when we want that release to happen,” Joe Russo went on to explain.

At the very least, fans can take comfort in the fact that the trailer will be with them “in the very near future.”