Tom Hooper Circles An Adaptation Of Les Miserables

The success of The King’s Speech has done wonders for director Tom Hooper, who has apparently been offered jobs left, right and centre around Hollywood. According to The Playlist he was even offered the opportunity to direct Iron Man 3. Which would have been interesting. But along with another period project he’s making with King’s Speech writer David Seidler, Hooper is interested in directing a new feature adaptation of the stage musical Les Miserables.

The project is set up at Working Title. Hooper was apparently one of the first names mentioned but didn’t sign up. The King’s Speech has presumably now allowed him to, despite producing brilliant stuff for TV and directing the very underrated The Damned United previously. There is no writer attached yet so Les Mis fans could be waiting a while to see this. I have seen the stage show performed in London (where it has been running for a very long time) and it’s not my thing, as most musicals aren’t. But Hooper is talented guy and I’m sure can make any material entertaining.