Tony Stark Plunges To Earth In New Iron Man 3 Poster

Prepare yourselves for a marketing onslaught. With Iron Man 3 a mere four months away from release, it’s time for Marvel to start rolling out the posters, TV spots, trailers, trailers for trailers, posters, character posters, posters for character posters, posters for posters for … you get the idea. And it all begins, right here, right now, with the latest Iron Man 3 poster.

Here we have a pretty fantastic image of your favorite billionaire playboy philanthropist and, of course, superhero, plunging straight to earth as his fancy suit falls to pieces around him. It’s a dark image, actually, but one that’s in keeping with the darker tone of this particular film (at least from what we’ve seen so far).

There have already been some teasers of our Mr. Stark getting pretty badly hurt, of Pepper looking very upset, and of Sir Ben Kingsley giving Alec Guinness a run for his money in the ‘portrayals by white British men of questionable stereotypes’ category. But honestly, the film looks pretty good so far, and with a new commercial slated to hit during the Super Bowl on Sunday, we’ll get a bit more about what director Shane Black has in store for us in this installment.

My one concern is just how dark things seem to be getting in the Marvel Universe. The current Iron Man 3 campaign bears a disturbing resemblance to The Dark Knight Rises campaign, the The Amazing Spiderman campaign, the Man of Steel campaign, and even Star Trek Into Darkness. All of them are trading on the angsty darkness that graphic novels sometimes provide us with, but after awhile that can become a bit dull. I don’t really want to look into Tony Stark’s innermost soul. I want to see him blow stuff up and exchange merry quips with Pepper Potts. Is that so much to ask?

I will not judge further, however, until we have more to go on than a few teasers and a new poster. Shane Black is an excellent director, and there’s no reason that Iron Man 3 won’t be an excellent film.

Iron Man 3 will hit theatres May 3. Check out the new poster below and let us know what you think of it!