Top Gun: Maverick Co-Writer Promises That The Movie Honors The Original


Tom Cruise has always been very selective when it comes to starring in sequels to his movies, with Jack Reacher: Never Go Back the only follow-up that the actor has ever made outside of the Mission: Impossible franchise. So, for Cruise to agree to reprise his star-making role as Pete Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick, a full 34 years after the original no less, there must be something pretty special about the project.

Of course, it helps that Cruise is working again with his frequent collaborator Christopher McQuarrie, with the duo becoming virtually inseparable ever since they first teamed up on Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie over a decade ago. The man behind the most recent installments in the Mission: Impossible series is co-writing the script for Maverick, which is directed by Joseph Kosinski, who Cruise also has previous experience with after making 2013 sci-fi Oblivion together.

The most recent trailer showed off no shortage of stunning imagery, with the long-awaited Top Gun sequel promising to be one of the most visually-dazzling blockbusters of 2020. Kosinski has always been a director with a distinct eye for composing great-looking movies, but his three movies to date have all been let down by lackluster storytelling, something the presence of The Usual Suspects and Edge of Tomorrow scribe McQuarrie will hopefully alleviate.

80s nostalgia is still all the rage though, making a new Top Gun movie an interesting proposition. However, when a fan let McQuarrie know via social media that despite their love for the original, they were unlikely to see Maverick, the filmmaker responded with assurances that the creative team have handled the material with the utmost respect.

“No apologies necessary. I can only assure you that it was made with enormous care and respect by all involved. It honors the original and we’re immensely proud of it.”

The Cruise/McQuarrie/Kosinski triumvirate is enough to get people excited about Top Gun: Maverick, and that’s before you factor in a supporting cast that boasts Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Ed Harris and a returning Val Kilmer. If the studio manages to convince Kenny Loggins to return and give us an updated version of “Danger Zone,” then they’re definitely on to a surefire hit.

Source: CinemaBlend