First Trailer For Chris Rock’s Saw Reboot Leaks Online


UPDATE: For obvious reasons, we won’t embed the leaked trailer here, but it’s currently available to watch over on Reddit.

The Saw franchise has been around for more than a decade and a half now, and like most other long-running horror brands, the law of diminishing returns came into play a long, long time ago. The original is still by far the best and brought something different to the table when ‘torture porn’ was still all the rage, before the focus of the franchise shifted more to all the elaborate and gruesome traps cooked up by Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw, with each successive film trying to go even further than its predecessor.

And now, after eight movies, audiences have felt like they’ve seen it all when it comes to Saw. Or at least, they did, until Chris Rock entered the picture and brought a new Saw movie with him. Yes, the 54 year-old comedian isn’t exactly the first person that comes to mind when you think of horrific violence and over the top blood and gore, but not only is he acting as executive producer here, but he also came up with the story and will be starring in the pic, too.

To date, most of what Rock’s been cooking up has been kept under wraps, but earlier today, the first trailer leaked onto the web and in the process, finally gave us an idea of where the series is headed under its new leader. And we’ve got to say, we’re pretty intrigued with what the comedian has put together here. Teasing a dark new game, gruesome traps and of course, a bit of comedy, this certainly looks like the Saw we know and love, but with a fresh coat of paint that sparkles with promise. That being said, the film’s title – Spiral: From the Book of Saw – is certainly questionable.

In any case, while we’ll have to wait until later this year until we can pass judgement, the signs are certainly looking good for this new lease on life that the franchise has found. After all, we already know that Lionsgate is developing sequels for the upcoming reboot, making it pretty clear that studio has some big plans in store for the cat-and-mouse horror series.

And why wouldn’t they? I mean 2017’s Jigsaw managed to haul in $103 million worldwide off a $10 million budget, making it abundantly clear that despite the diminishing returns that’ve begun to set in with Saw, audiences are still showing up to theaters for each new installment.