The Trailer For Iron Man 3 Gets A Release Date

Over three months into principle photography and with filming still scheduled to take place, there is apparently already enough noteworthy footage put to film as E! News has revealed that the first trailer for Iron Man 3 will be unveiled on Tuesday, October 23 at 12:01 am.

We’ve known since this year’s Comic-Con that Marvel had already polished off some footage (just ask anyone who was in Hall H) which was reportedly more of the CGI, action-heavy variety, which was able to be completed more independently of the actual on-location shoots. Early reports also say that the trailer will include Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin, Stark’s Malibu mansion being attacked and Iron Man in his extremis suit.

Hopefully the techs behind the hotly anticipated superhero threequel will have something stellar in store for us, which of course goes in tandem with our desires to see Robert Downey Jr. in his reportedly somewhat different incarnation of billionaire Tony Stark.

Production did hit a bit of a snag recently as Downey Jr. suffered an ankle injury on set which put the shoot on hold for several weeks while he recuperated but that snag is not going to affect the final release date for Iron Man 3. Computer wizardry can do a lot of things, but healing your leading man isn’t one of them.

Reportedly, this will just be a teaser trailer for the blockbuster which is, again, sounding generally in line with what was unveiled at Comic-Con. Regardless of duration, it will be great to finally get a glimpse at what director Shane Black and crew have been up to.

Iron Man 3 will soar into theaters May 23, 2013. Be sure to check back on October 23 for our coverage of the trailer.