Immortals Trailer #2


A while ago we got a teaser for Tarsem Singh‘s upcoming swords & sandals fantasy epic Immortals, which stars Mickey Rourke and the new Superman, Henry Cavill. Today we bring you a longer extended trailer courtesy of Ryan Seacrest.

If your lunchtime desires muscled men in ridiculous costumes throwing spears and shouting a lot, then you’re in heaven. The trailer proudly boasts it comes from: “the producers of 300” and boy does this trailer make the film look like a Zack Snyder movie.

Shot mostly against green screen, accompanied by a thumping rock soundtrack and replete with violence shot in slow motion, this is 300 only with a whole lot more gold in it. Tarsem Singh is an interesting visual stylist as demonstrated by his work on The Cell and The Fall, but neither of those had a particularly firm grasp on narrative sense.

When Immortals debuts on November 11th, we best advise you leave your brain at the door and just prepare for more 300-style chest thumping and homoerotic sword fighting. Watch the trailer below.

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