New Trailer For Point Blank

A new U.S. trailer has been released for the French thriller titled Point Blank. The film was released in the U.K. this past December and was praised for its thrilling action and gripping tension. It does look pretty good (judging by the trailer) and hopefully it will be one hell of a ride, because that’s what I’m expecting based on the footage below.

The only problem I see with this film is the similarities it has to the recent Liam Neeson action film, Taken. It has the same scenario of someone taking a family member and a man driven to the edge, but at least Point Blank differs in story with the involvement of him witnessing a murder and having no real background in killing.

I always appreciate a good action film that is stylized and backed with strong performances, so I really hope that Point Blank will deliver. What it really needs to establish though is the action because too often a film will get a little corny when a man with no history of killing becomes the perfect killer. As long as they keep it somewhat grounded, I think the film will work.

Point Blank stars Gilles Lellouche, Roschdy Zem and Gerard Lanvin. The film was already released overseas, but will be getting a limited U.S. release next week.

Check out the trailer and synopsis below, thanks to Twitch Film.

Samuel (Lellouche) is a happily married nurse working in a Paris hospital. When his very pregnant wife (Anaya) is kidnapped before his helpless eyes, everything falls apart. After being knocked unconscious, he comes to and his cell phone rings: he has three hours to get Sartet (Zem), a man under police surveillance, out of the hospital. Samuel quickly finds himself pitted against rival gangsters and trigger-happy police in a deadly race to save the lives of his wife and unborn child.

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