First Trailer For The Devil Inside

If you thought for a moment that the demonic possession genre was played out after The Last Exorcism and The Rite, you were wrong. The genre comes thrashing and moaning back into theaters in January with The Devil Inside, starring Fernanda Andrade and Simon Quarterman; if the names don’t strike your memory don’t be surprised.

The Devil Inside is the first film in nearly six years from the writing and directing team of William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman. Bell and Peterman made a very brief splash in 2006 with the horror film Stay Alive starring Frankie Muniz and Milo Ventimiglia, the film was about a group of teenagers systematically murdered while playing a multi-plaver videogame.

The premise of The Devil Inside combines the demonic possession movie with elements of the Blair Witch style found footage horror movie. It follows Isabella (Fernanda Andrade) as she travels to Vatican City where her mother Maria (Suzan Crowley) is held in a mental hospital. Several years earlier Maria murdered three people during an exorcism gone wrong; her own exorcism.

While Isabella seeks to understand demonic possession she is invited by a group of underground priests to witness unauthorized exorcisms in the hopes of uncovering whether her mother is crazy or possessed. Each of the exorcisms are captured on camera, hence the found footage aspect of The Devil Inside.

The Devil Inside arrives in theaters January 6th, 2012. Check out the trailer below.

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