Train To Busan Sequel Peninsula Aiming For Summer 2020 Release

Train to Busan

They’re creepy, they’re kookie, and they’re all together a massive, nigh-unstoppable force constantly hungry for uninfected flesh. That’s right, the zombie horde from Train to Busan is departing from the station once again in Peninsula, the sequel. They may be arriving at their destination sooner than anybody could have possibly anticipated, too. Must be one of them bullet trains, or whatever the fastest kind of rail-based transportation is.

The company that’s to be distributing Peninsula recently responded to reports that the highly-anticipated pic is set to premiere specifically on August 20, 2020, saying:

“We are preparing for the market release by summer 2020, but the schedule for international release has not been decided yet.“


Well, that’s pretty vague, but it’s also not disagreeing with those initial reports. We don’t really know much about this Train to Busan follow-up other than the stars, director and a loose plot outline, but they started shooting in June of last year, so they’ve definitely been working on the project for a while, it would seem. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a technically-intensive film wasn’t shot and rendered in a month. So, it’s good they’re taking their time to make a solid sequel to an amazing movie.

And Train to Busan was indeed amazing. A zombie film, coming at a time of peak zombie media saturation, that somehow finds the heart and soul of what it takes to sacrifice and survive in the midst of a deadly undead virus outbreak. It managed to stand out in a densely populated crowd, too. I just watched it again over Halloween this year and wow, it’s fantastic. So well done. I’m glad they’re jumping to new people to see how others survive this unique strain of zombie in the sequel. Plus, with the same director behind the camera, I feel like Peninsula is in good hands, regardless of when it actually debuts.

Tell us, though, are you hyped for the Train to Busan sequel? Sound off down below.